We are Sicilian people in Sicily. That's what we offer.

Mamma's Staff

More about us ? Here we are

Mamma's Staff




For anything you need: info@mammasicily.com







Silvana Recupero




If you are hungry, ask our chef Silvana Recupero: chefsilvana@mammasicily.com








Giovanni Vallone


If you need our President, the motorwriter Giovanni Vallone, write to: giovannivallone@mammasicily.com











Benedetta Motta



Are you a media, a journalist, a writer, a director? Contact Benedetta Motta, our press office's chief: benedettamotta@mammasicily.com







Rosanna Sanfilippo



Here it is Rosanna, the "super" assistant of the Association: rosannasanfilippo@mammasicily.com







Danielle Cotton



She is a speaker of RadioMammaSicily. The wonderful voice (and eyes) of: daniellecotton@radiomammasicily.com




Alessio Palumbo






The "social member", Mr Facebook alias Mamma's Jolly, alias "The Pargolus" ... aka Alessio Palumbo: alessio@mammasicily.com







Renato Bica




Guests in Western island are welcomed by this man: Mr Renato Bica
(the secret brother of Freddy Mercury !!), the President of the
Touristic office in Custonaci !







Livio Gradenigo



      Guests in the province of Siracusa are welcomed by this man, our member Livio Gradenigo.


Sandra Zammitti



Guests in the province of Ragusa are welcomed by this woman, Sandra Zammitti.




Elizabeth King



She is Elizabeth King, from Ireland, a warm RadioMamma's voice: radiomammasicily@mammasicily.com



Pierluigi & Stafania


Pierluigi and Stefania, photographer and designer of the Association.



Luca Luparelli



Luca Luparelli. Etna tour, inland exploration, radio-television operator.




Ivana Capuano


Ivana Capuano, the wonderful chef assistant.





Ruth Boliger

From Zurich, Ruth Bolliger: German translations.












Take care: this is Alì. The dreadfull Alì. The vicious Alì. The cuddly Alì !!!




Via Roma, 1    


Aci Bonaccorsi (Ct)  - Sicily    

Tel  (+39) 095 7890548    


  Partita Iva  04434090876 (Ass Il CoNsole)

Il Console Associazione Culturale - P.Iva 04434090876 - Via Roma, 1 - 95020 - Aci Bonaccorsi (CT) [Etna Est]