Sicily Archaeological

Sicily: the land of history

Federico II Gelone Re Ruggero

Let us take you on a trip that goes back 50.000 years

In one of the oldest lands in the world.

An Island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that seemed at many times like the center of the universe.

Sicily has the greatest number of archeological sites on earth.

Why then, exactly, is Sicily just a region and not a nation??

Have a good trip.


Following (from left to right): the prehistoric Pantalica (XIII b.C.); greek theatre of Akray (III b.C.); roman bath in Catania (IV a.C.); byzantine Cuba of Castiglione (VII sec a.C.); the arab-norman Palatina chapel in Palermo (1100); the federician Castello Ursino in Catania (1200) and a baroque figures in Noto (1700).

Pantalica Teatro Akrai Terme Rotonda Cuba Casti Cappella Palatina Ursino Mascherone
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