Valley of the Temples Guide

Sciacca top


Beautiful city by the African sea. Medieval and Arabic, has some very picturesque buildings. Over all stands the Steripinto (1500) with its ashlars diamond, as to intimidate the visitors. Traces of the past here and there, for example with the three city gates: San Calogero, Palermo and San Salvatore. Do not miss a visit to Mount San Calogero, the Kronion of the ancients, with an enchanting view and site of the homonymous "stoves" in one short sentence: hot springs known since ancient times.


Caltabellotta top


Picturesque village above Sciacca, characterized by a typical urban medieval Sicilian plant, perched on the mountain. The village, as usual with a tangle of alleys and lanes, has several points of interest and has a well-known air, among the healthiest. The photo shows, at the top, dominating the country, one of the jewels of Caltabellotta: The main church, probably built originally by Normans (XI century).


Sambuca di Sicilia top

Sambuca di Sicilia

The most Arab town in Sicily with a grid of streets and neighborhoods in the town center. Here is a beautiful archaeological site: Mount Adranone, dating from the fifth century BC.


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Giuliana, Palazzo Adriano, Burgio top

Giuliana, Palazzo Adriano, Burgio

They are three beautiful villages that gravitate around here, in the hinterland. In addition to being inside green lungs, have different points of interest. Giuliana and Burgio have fabulous castles, Palazzo Adriano a main square very Sicilian.


Eraclea Minoa top

Eraclea Minoa

Among the white beaches of this stretch of sea here is the archaeological site of Eraclea Minoa, an important city of the fifth century BC. A pearl the Theater with the background of the sea, favorite panoramic of Greeks in Sicily when they had to build these buildings.


The Scala dei Turchi top

La Scala dei Turchi

It 's really a surreal landscape. This is a site marked by the white rock that reaches the sea. A shining cliff leading down to the sand on this stretch of sea of Africa.


Agrigento and the Valley of the temples top

Agrigento e la Valle dei Templi

Agrigento, the ancient Akray (VI century BC) is known worldwide for one of the great masterpieces of humanity: the Valley of the Temples (UNESCO), the most impressive archaeological site in the world (1300 acres). A string of Doric temples dominating the coast of Agrigento, creepy. A feeling of absolute magic is that you can breathe up here, with the almond trees to make this picture even more Mediterranean. Ten Doric temples, three shrines, several cemeteries, Greek and Roman buildings here and there ... It is not enough for the Japanese photograph of a bus in a day! The Temple of Concordia (photo), one of the best preserved in the world, is an unforgettable experience. Agrigento also has a beautiful archaeological museum to support this valley.

The city also has other attractions to visit such as the magnificent Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum, the fourteenth-century church of Santa Maria dei Greci and the Rupe Atenea.


Archipelago of the Pelagie: Lampedusa and Linosa top

Arcipelago delle Pelagie: Lampedusa e Linosa

The queen is Lampedusa, Africa inside Sicily (the island is 113 km from the African continent and more than 200 from Porto Empedocle). Barren and wild, you just can love or hate Lampedusa. But often prevails the first triggering a real feeling of deep passion to those who discover it. The Isola dei Conigli (photo) is a dream. The ship takes 8 hours to reach it and 4 by hydrofoil. But there is also the airport.


Isola di Pantelleria top

Isola di Pantelleria

Geographically we have included it in this district even though the island is in the province of Trapani. It is more easily reacheable by airplane from Trapani or Mazara del Vallo. It 's a beautiful place characterized by its famous Dammusi (farm buildings with thick stone walls, cubic, with a white dome roof and arched openings, atavic examples of bio-climatic architecture). To see the prehistoric village of Mursia and the mysterious megaliths of Sesi. Sea symbol of the island is the so called Lake of Venus (pictures): can you imagine the interior, can you?


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Naro top


In the hinterland of Agrigento, here is the beautiful Naro, a town remarkable for its rich history and its monuments. Medieval Naro is enhanced with the Norman castle (XII century), the Norman Cathedral (photo, eleventh century), the thirteenth-century Golden Gate (one of 6 of the walls), the fourteenth century church of Santa Caterina, the fifteenth century Malfitano-Giacchetto . Remarkable also the seventeenth-century baroque.


Favara and Palma di Montechiaro top

Favara e Palma di Montechiaro

They have two fabulous castles and Palma also a wonderful array (photo).


Maccalube di Aragona top

Maccalube di Aragona

They are little mud volcanoes reminding o the volcanic nature of the island. In the past they were used as thermal cures. They have always been fascinated and awed travelers and locals.


Sant'Angelo Muxaro top

Sant'Angelo Muxaro

In the countryside of Agrigento, perched on a hill, is Sant'Angelo Muxaro, with a Middle Ages plant. Nearby there is a famous tomb, that the story attributes to king Cocalo, the prince of the Sicani, the pre-Greek population. Cocalo was the one who hosted Daedalus, the hero of the labyrinth of Ariadne.


Licata top


Near the sea is the ancient city of Licata with obsolete ruins on the homonymous mountain and Liberty buildings everywhere. Important the Civic Museum with interesting archaeological finds.


Gela top


One of the major Greek cities of Sicily, now reduced to mere appearance. Unfortunately around here the preservation of archaeological heritage has had to bow to the continuous destruction. An important archaeological museum remains, columns of the Doric temple inside the Cathedral and one of the finest examples in the world of defensive walls: the Timolontee, a dip 300 meters long into the past. Something crazy, really crazy. I still remember my mouth open in front of such great vision.

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